Auran tuleva hirsipäiväkoti havainnekuva.

AirD delivers smart ventilation system to 35 day care centers

Privately-owned day care centers will be constructed by Mediset Hoivarakentajat by 2020.

Kuva: Honkarakenne Oyj

AirD delivers a smart ventilation system to more than 30 private day care centers around Finland. Company’s solution helps to monitor and to adjust the indoor air quality in day care centers through their whole life cycle, further preempting damages in real estates.

Privately-owned day care centers will be constructed by Mediset Hoivarakentajat by year 2020. The buildings are made of log and the structures of the buildings are delivered by Honkarakenne, a Finnish log building company.

The first of the 35 day care centers will start operating at Aura, near the city of Turku in Southwestern Finland, in August 2017. After Aura, the next day care centers using smart technology will start in Vantaa, Tuusula and Janakkala in Southern Finland.


Buildings for healthier indoor air

Sales and Marketing Director Leena Salmi of AirD is very pleased to work with Mediset Hoivarakentajat and Honkarakenne. Salmi says that the mission is clear: to work for better conditions for the personnel and for the children.

“You can call this responsible building. Through this cooperation, we can ensure that the users of these real estates stay healthy and the buildings need less maintenance”, Salmi says.

Mediset Hoivarakentajat company chose AirD’s ventilation solution because AirD was the only company capable of delivering a solution to meet all technological requirements by the constructor.

“We want to be pioneers in building healthy environments. That’s an essential part of our business. With AirD’s solution, we can optimize the indoor air quality in every room of day care centers”, CEO of Mediset, Juha Marttala says.


“This attribute really shines…”

What makes AirD’s solution so smart? Juha Marttala points out that it’s actually real-time and adaptive.

“In current ventilation systems using old technology, there are only a few censors monitoring air quality around the building. That’s not enough and that’s why a real estate owner doesn’t get enough data to adjust the ventilation. Furthermore, old ventilation is less adjustable as such. All this leads to poorer indoor air quality.”

Marttala points out that there’s a one great advantage in AirD’s products that really makes it stand out in comparison to its competitors.

“This system actually automatically controls the ventilation in real time, not only monitors CO2 levels, humidity, temperature and other vital factors of indoor air quality”, Marttala says.


For more information:

Leena Salmi, Sales and Marketing Director, AirD, tel. 040 535 0075,

Simo Mönkkönen, CTO, AirD, tel. 050 591 5770,

Juha Marttala, CEO, Mediset Hoivarakentajat, puh. 0500 337 777,