Smart ventilation improves energy efficiency

Kuva: Pixabay

Well-functioning ventilation system is a key factor  in securing good indoor air quality. It can also save money for real estate owners by cutting energy consumption.

Office buildings, shopping centres, schools and other public buildings must provide their users with fresh air all day long to maintain customer satisfaction and guarantee efficient working conditions.

Still, many real estate owners prefer to switch on the ventilation only in peak hours, claiming that’s the way to save energy and cut energy expenses. However, so called on/off ventilation is not only bad for premises and its users, causing hazardous indoor air problems in the long run and weakening the condition of real estates, but it’s far from being an energy efficient policy.


Energy saving in ventilation, heating and cooling

AirD’s product is a modern ventilation system operated by smart technology. It gives a real estate owner a chance to save significant amounts of energy and money and reduce CO2 emissions.

AirD’s Finnish innovation uses ventilation adjusted automatically according to real-time measurements and individually preset limits. High-end system uses indoor air quality data gathered by dozens of censors located all in one small part located in the duct. Censors are easy to install and maintain.

AirD’s CTO, Mr. Simo Mönkkönen promises that it is possible to save energy in both ventilation, heating and cooling. As ventilation is optimized all around the building, it’s possible to use less energy in heating. As the old ventilation system enters its final phase, the real estate owner can further cut expenses by buying a smaller and more energy efficient ventilation machine.


Improve in working conditions

Stabilized ventilation is also good news for the users of building, and maintenance.

“There’s no unpleasant draft and the room temperature is steady through the day, so there’s no use opening doors and windows to improve air quality”, Mönkkönen says.

According to Mönkkönen, it is possible to save energy up to 70 percent in schools and around 35 percent in office environments.

AirD’s product improves condition in constructions and extends the life cycle in real estate. Long-term maintenance coordinated by professionals increases the value of a real estate.

Tuomo Tarvas