The AirD Blue cabinet utilizes blue light to quickly and efficiently decontaminate face shields, goggles and other personal gear and equipment in collective use.

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Rapid and efficient decontamination

Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungus and other microbes can cause serious illness and epidemics. By deploying newest LED technology and blue light these pathogens can be decontaminated rapidly and reliably.  The antimicrobial effect of blue light is based on it’s capability to destroy the structure of the cells of the microbe deactivating it’s vitality and capability to reproduce.

The antimicrobial efficacy of blue light is a widely studied topic. More information of blue light and some studies with results can be found for example here Antimicrobial blue light inactivation of pathogenic microbes: state of the art.

AirD Blue is a chemical and uv-free method for decontaminating devices and surfaces. It fulfills the requirements for high hygiene standards of PPEs in for example health care and can therefore be used to sanitize face shields and other protective equipment. The solution is safe to use for humans and harmless for sensitive materials and even electronic devices.

For chemical-free, rapid and efficient decontamination.

Wellbeing on many levels

AirD Blue decontaminates bigger and smaller objects. The catalytic coating of the cabinet magnifies the sanitary effect. The light destroys even bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics such as MRSA.

Decontaminates viruses and bacteria resistant to antibiotics

Green and suistanable choice

AirD Blue is an environmentally friendly option for chemical and bioside-free decontamination. Disinfection with blue light does not harm the material or surface and allows the safe reuse of objects reducing waste.  The average usage time for the LED light is 50 000 hours enabling daily utilisation for years to come. The cabinet is produced with high class material with several accessory and spare parts.

A working life of 50 000 hours

A safe solution for any hygiene requirements

Highclass design

AirD Blue has a modular construction and is available in fixed or moveable model.

Latest technology

Our efficient solution deploys latest LED technology promoting health and well-being.

Environmentally friendly

AirD Blue is chemical-free and safe for the environment, humans and any surface. By decontaminating personal protective equipment and other devices the amount of waste is decreased substantially. The solution fulfills even the highest requirements for hygiene.

Our efficient solution for safe decontamination

Free movement of people and the sharing economy becoming more common challenges the restriction of epidemics and spreading of viruses and other pathogens. Rapid and efficient disinfection can stop the spreading of these pathogens and allows the safe use of keys, portable computers, keyboards and other devices.

AirD Blue disinfection cabinets are easy to use. They deploy blue light to decontaminate objects from microbes and other pathogens. Without compromising the safety of the environment.

AirD Blue guarantees high hygiene standards and chemical-free and safe decontamination. For your, my and our safety and well-being.

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