We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and marketing smart ventilation head units.

All our products can be designed according to the specifications of our customers and requirements of the interior. Our ventilation solution represents Finnish design of good quality and technological excellence.

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Savings in energy and expenses

Ventilation in hotels, large real estates and on cruise ships is responsible for a substantial amount of energy consumption. Our solution brings savings in energy expenses on an average sized cruise ship worth millions of euros annually.

Automated optimization of ventilation and air quality according to individually preset limits saves substantially in installation and maintenance costs as well. The payback period of our solution is approximately 2-5 years depending on the target.

The payback period of our smart solution is only 2-5 years on average.

Wellbeing on many levels

Our smart ventilation head units offer the best air quality in every environment from real estates to cruise ships.

AirD solution achieves optimal air quality with preset limits, real-time measurement and adjustment ensuring the wellbeing of the people occupying the spaces. Good indoor air quality is known to enhance the health and vigor of people.

Good and stable ventilation improves the condition of the constructions increasing the value of the real estate.

Totally customized ventilation to every space in every circumstance

Green and suistainable choice

AirD solution based on real-time automated adjustment and analysis optimizes the ventilation to the best level bringing savings in energy up to 35-70% thus saving in CO2 emissions as well.

On a cruise ship for example every saved tonne of fuel adds up to approximately 3,2 tonnes of savings in CO2 emissions.

Up to 35-70% savings in energy consumption

An individual solution for every environment

Top quality design

Our smart ventilation head units are individually designed and fitted into every interior.

Advanced technology

AirD smart solution offers real-time ventilation fitted to every environment and circumstance enhancing the wellbeing and amenity of the people occupying these spaces.

Environmentally friendly

Our energy and CO2 emission saving solution is manufactured mainly of recycled material taking the environment into account.

Our smart solution controls the ventilation in real-time.

The changes in headcount and opening of doors and windows have an immediate impact on indoor air quality. AirD smart solution detect the changes in air quality and display them in real-time.

The smart and elegant AirD ventilation head units adjust the ventilation automatically according to real-time measurements and preset limits to ensure sufficient ventilation and to prevent bad indoor air quality caused by too high humidity and CO2 levels.

AirD solution enhances safe living and the indoor amenity by effective ventilation adjusted to every circumstance. Our energy efficient head units bring substantial savings in expenses.

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